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Inspired To Spice Up Street Eats & Impact Our Community

Meet the team

The Roots of East Coast Street Tacos

A passion for street eats & serving incredible foods

East Coast Street Tacos is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving up delicious street eats since 2004. Our mission is to use sustainable practices and partner with community-based organizations to bring our customers the best possible experience. We know that food is the language that connects us all and should always be fresh, affordable, and accessible to everyone.. Our passion for Street Food is what inspires us to bring the finest foods with the freshest ingredients to the streets of New York. We took delicious Street Foods from various Central and South American countries and combined them along with some of our very own mouth-watering creations. The result...EAST COAST STREET TACOS.

We're not just Brooklyn-styled, we're Brooklyn-born

The property where our flagship shop is located on Stanley Avenue and Pennsylvania Ave, have been in the Vichinsky Family since the 1950’s. The building which at the time had dirt roads, was a warehouse used to facilitate the maintenance of amusement park rides that were on display at Coney Island. Mr. Vichinsky, Ivans grandfather, was a partner at the famous Steeplechase park on Coney Island. Located in the ceiling of our flagship location is an original motor hoist that was used to lift the engines out of the amusement park rides. Over the years a lot has changed, but our value of community has not. East Coast Street Tacos was born from a commitment to create a safe and enjoyable place in an underserved, and neglected community, where people from all walks of life can enjoy delicious foods.

Our company mission to bring communities and cultures together through natural love for Food and Service, is what sets us apart. Street Food is social, savory, and simply fun. One bite of our authentic Street Food will leave your taste buds soaring on a never ending trip around Latin America. East Coast Street Tacos is more than just a bite to eat, it’s an experience that satisfies your hunger for fresh, flavory, filling food. We strive for food excellence and believe that food should be fresh, affordable, and accessible to everyone.

Meet Our Founders

Chief Executive Officer

Ivan Vichinsky

Ivan Vichinsky is the CEO of East Coast Street Tacos. A graduate of Johnson and Wales University in 1993, Ivan brings with him a degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant and Hotel Management. His training at one of New York City's finest French restaurants has resulted in a keen eye for fusion creations, using various ingredients to create something new and delicious. It is his love of food that drives him to be creative and push the boundaries. For Ivan, it is all about the flavor and presentation. He carefully selects ingredients that are not only economical, but also have the potential to create something truly amazing. With his talent and dedication, it is no wonder that East Coast Street Tacos has become one of the most successful eateries around.
Ruben Angarita Owner of East Coast Street Tacos
Chief Operations Officer

Ruben Angarita

Ruben Angarita is the COO of East Coast Street Tacos, and is responsible for creating the unique vibe and culture that customers experience when they walk into one of our locations. Ruben was raised by his 1st generation Colombian-American parents, and he has incorporated unique flavors and recipes that his family has had for generations into the East Coast Street Tacos brand. Ruben works tirelessly to provide the look, vibe, feel and culture that is East Coast Street Tacos, and he is a hardworking visionary who has created a truly unique dining experience for our customers. Thanks to Ruben, East Coast Street Tacos is more than just a place to get a delicious meal – it’s an experience that you won’t soon forget.



John Martini East Coast Street Tacos Owner
Chief Financial Officer

John Martini

John Martini has been the CFO of East Coast Street Tacos for three years. He is a young, ambitious man who never settles for anything less than perfection. John graduated from St Johns University with a degree in Finance, and comes from a private equity background. His youth allows him to bring extensive knowledge of the financial technology behind the operation of the business. He is a determined and honorable man, always looking out for the best interests of the company. His diligence and attention to detail have made him an invaluable asset to East Coast Street Tacos. Under his guidance, the company has flourished, building out the HQ food production facility that will service all ECST locations. John is a true example of someone who has achieved success through hard work and dedication.
Anthony Leone, New York City Restaurant Professional.
Director of Operations

Anthony Leone

Anthony has an extensive background in Quick Service Restaurants. It has been his sole focus for the past 27 years. Graduated from Florida International University with a Hospitality Management Degree.

He began his career at Boston Market where he was hired as an Assistant Manager. 1 Year later he became the youngest District Manager in the Company. After years of success, he decided to take matters into his own hands and develop Energy Kitchen. Combining his passions, health & fitness, and QSR’s.

Anthony built Energy Kitchen to a multi-state corporation employing over 250 people and growing the brand through corporate, franchising, and non-traditional locations.

Anthony is well versed in all aspects of QSR Mgmt including Franchise Development, Operations, Training, HR, Finance, Marketing, Construction etc… He loves working with startups and implementing systems that guide them to strategically grow and reach their fullest potential.


Anthony is a consultant contracted by East Coast Street Tacos