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Want Free Food?

As a member of East Coast Street Taco's rewards program, you'll earn taco points that can be redeemed towards free food & merchandise. It's our way of saying thanks for supporting us and eating our delicious food.

Join Loyalty Rewards

Using your phone number or email, enroll as a member. You'll automatically receive 50 free taco points just for signing up.

Buy Food

Everytime you visit one of our locations or order delivery/pickup from our website you'll automatically earn toco points.

Deals & Extra Chips

We'll send you texts or emails (based on your preference) with exclusive member perks. You can score some great deals or earn extra toco points.

Spend Your Points

Once you collect enough taco points, you'll be able to redeem them for free food or merchandise.

Reward Options

50 Taco Points

1 Empanada of Your Choice

150 Taco Points

A Refreshing Passion Juice

350 Taco Points

An Order of 3 Street Tacos

500 Taco Points

A sampler with 3 tacos, 3 empanadas, and 1 quesadilla